Scrum: Flexible Methodology for Your Business or How to Improve Your Productivity Twice (Part One)

Nowadays, in the era of information technology the proper timing is of great importance because successful people always have a huge number of tasks that need to be done on time.
Do you think that if a company has a sufficient number of highly qualified employees, a task to be implemented and a full budget then it is doomed to success?

I believe, most readers will answer yes but do not forget that there are some nuances that can impede this.
The FSS faced this situation when they decided to make their paper reports electronic. The whole project turned out to be a total catastrophe.

There ought to be a set of specific tasks which the program was supposed to implement, a huge budget, high-quality specialists and time… But time passes by, the budget runs low and the FSS employees eventually receive a program that does not work… The problem was not in low-skilled personnel – you can be sure that the bureau had enough good employees; nor in ignorance of certain technologies.

It’s no laughing matter, but when the number of developers was reduced from 220 to 42, a person who taught these guys Scrum flexible methodology was appointed a leader, then they managed to launch this program on time with minimal monetary costs and labor resources.
Everyone was skeptical about this event. After all, how can you succeed with such a small number of employees and with a minimum budget?

Scrum is one of the most popular software development methodologies.
According to Scrum ideologists, larger teams require too many resources for communication while smaller teams increase risks (due to the possible lack of required skills) and reduce the amount of work that a team can perform per unit of time.

See the next part for the methodology detailed description.

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