Scrum. Flexible Methodology for Your Business or How to Improve Your Productivity Twice (Part Two)

CubyDev team is here with you again. So, let’s continue the topic of Scrum flexible methodology (the first part can be found here).

The basis of Scrum is Sprint during which you need to perform a specific task on the product. At the end of Sprint a new working version of the product should be obtained. Sprint is always limited in time (1 to 4 weeks) and has the same duration throughout the life of product.

The team earns a certain number of points for each sprint. In the new sprint the team must constantly strive to surpass the number of points earned for the previous sprint, i.e. its goal is to constantly exceed its own results – “to increase the performance dynamics”.

Scrum meeting plays a very important role in Scrum methodology. The essence of this meeting is that the participants spend 15 minutes for each of them to answer 3 very important questions:

What was done yesterday?

What will be done today?

What are the main obstacles for the team at the moment?

This method has become very popular in the world due to its simplicity and effectiveness.

Our team is no exception and we use the Scrum methodology in most of our projects. Speaking of the results, we have conducted special studies, collected feedback from our customers and indeed the team’s performance has improved, and we are improving our skills more and more.

Sincerely yours,
CubyDev team