The Development Process as Viewed by CubyDev Team

We thought for a long time how to better explain our field of development, why we are pleased to deal with the most difficult and complicated tasks and can find a solution even in very confusing situations.
We are often addressed by potential customers asking to describe the entire development process from writing a technical specification to delivering the product directly to the customer. In this article I want to reveal the details of this stage.
First of all, a client addresses us with a certain idea or problem.
In turn we learn as much as possible about the client’s business, its potential consumers, business processes and competitors, of course.
At the first stage it is very important to understand the main idea and goals of the project and to find the optimal solution for their implementation.
After a detailed discussion of our proposal with the client as well as identifying the most relevant technologies for the project implementation the next step is writing a technical specification with a full set of requirements and a detailed description of the entire project functionality.
Creation of wireframing is also very important. Using wireframing part we draw the architecture of the project in detail. And of course, all these stages are discussed and agreed upon with the customer.
Once all these moments are approved by the customer our designers begin to draw the design. They take into account all the details and desires of the customer and soon the customer receives great design.
The next and one of the most important stages is the development stage itself. CubyDev team selects the best implementation practices which will allow your product to work at the maximum speed and give your website a pixel-perfect appearance.
The next step is the testing phase. Our programmers work on the principle of writing high-quality code only, and in order they can guarantee a 100% result we always check it with the help of a team of testers so that no error slips to the delivery stage.
Ultimately, our customer receives a high-quality result: reliable, fast and safe product.
Usually, the whole development is carried out on our test server so that the customer has the opportunity to check the full operation of his product before shifting to the customer’s working server.
After CubyDev team transfers all the information and code to your hosting and makes sure that everything works correctly.

Your users can enjoy a really high-quality result.
Happy customer is a happy developer 🙂