Everything depends on a speaker or how to make your conference more successful?

CubyDev team is here with you again. Over the past few weeks many conferences related to the IT industry were held in Kharkov. It was not only a grand opportunity to learn new trends in all sorts of technologies but also the opportunity to improve professional skills. Therefore, we did not miss it and visited several interesting events.
. NET, Ruby on Rails, PHP, JavaScript. Each programming language has its own set of features that distinguishes it from others. But in this article I would like to pay special attention to how exactly the participants spoke and how this can affect the image of a particular company.
It would seem that everything is extremely simple. There is a specific topic to make a report on; there is a speaker who leads the audience. But each report had its own atmosphere.

Why does this happen? Why do you listen to some reports with the utmost care and some just leave you unmoved? Do you think that everything depends on the topic, whether it is interesting or not? This is a rather erroneous and widespread opinion but everything depends on a speaker. Even the most boring and not interesting report can always be put in a favorable light.
“The success of any performance 60 to 70% depends on what the public sees, 20 to 30% on how the speaker speaks and only 10% on what he says”
                                                                                            Radislav Gandapas
We clarified this statement from several very popular speakers and indeed, this is true.
Ironically, an important role in the speeches is played not only by the charisma of the speaker but also by the pace of his/her voice, the way he/she is dressed, the place where he/she stands, how he/she behaves with the public, how he/she is able to get people interested and answer tricky questions. And the most important question is why do eminent companies arrange these events?
To attract potential customer audience? For a positive company image? Maybe, to get potential future employees interested. And nobody canceled the advertisement itself. As you know, the more popular the company is the higher the demand for its services. And what do you think are the pros and cons of events arranging?


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