Creation of a New WordPress plugin to Find Nearby Locations

Hello, dear readers,

As you know time is one of the most valuable resources in every person`s life. The progress of humanity is so fast that we can find many resources on time management, multitasking, how to make effective work in the office so that it brings the maximum result. And of course this field could not but affect the optimization of work processes in online life.

Just imagine you own a certain franchise, for example, donut (I think everyone likes donuts, just some people conceal it :)). You have a successful offline business (a whole donut network of the city) but you still keep up with time and create a very beautiful and useful web resource for your users with full information about the company, services, delivery, prices, etc. But let’s think it is much more convenient for a client to buy your delicious donuts just near the house/work to enjoy a great taste without spending a lot of time on it. We need to be sure that your WordPress website can allow clients to find your location in a simple and convenient way. After all, right now websites play not only an informational role but also allow to play the role of a supporting factor: to find the closest and most convenient locations of your network. Luckily, we have found a solution 🙂

It is here that the CubyDev team decided to come to rescue and created a completely new WP plugin which allows you to search for the nearest franchises only using the postal code of your region.

Each user of the WordPress website can enter only postal code and this plugin allows to find nearest franchise places for your region.

Franchises and Regions loaded as CSV files.

With the help of this plugin your business will become even more successful and more profitable. Want to know more? Please contact us and we will be happy to answer all your questions.