Hotels and tourist packages online booking

   Online business is developing rapidly and quality of plug-ins, website design, and modules functionality improves. Since we often have to work in this area, I decided to briefly introduce you the modules of hotel booking as well as modules of travel packages booking running through API with service providers.

   You may ask what features a standard hotel booking module has.

   The answer is simple. Hotel booking consists of several phases:

  • this is actually search by the set parameters,
  • the chosen hotel booking,
  • payment for booking.

   In some cases there is also booking confirmation if booking module interacts with an external source through API. Operation of these modules may vary. For example, if a hotel booking module operates with a local database then the booking process will go faster, you may cancel your booking, adjust the list of available dates by selected hotels, change booking terms, etc. at any time.
But there are some drawbacks – you will have to edit it manually.

   If we consider a hotel booking module running through the API, there are also benefits and drawbacks. Here you are playing by the rules of a service provider. That means you will likely have a certain period of time to cancel your booking, you will see only the information possessed by the supplier and other development options. But a huge advantage lies in its agility. You will not need to follow the list of hotels, availability of vacant dates at these hotels. All these are made by a service provider.

   Let’s consider modules of tourist packages booking.

   As a rule majority uses iframe for these purposes. But in this case it is impossible to change and enter this iframe into own design. That is why we offer to realize modules which will operate through API of a service provider. In such case we will receive flights and hotels from the suppliers and show them as you wish.

   Usually, a module of travel packages online booking consists of search suggestions by set parameters, possibility of reviewing a specific tour package, for example to see description of hotels/hostels, see what is included into the package, for instance excursions and/or flights, package payment, package booking, saving booking information in the personal account.

   These are the basic stages that, in fact, depend on your wishes and possibilities of service providers.

   I also would like to notice that concerning each of the modules we recommend to connect customer reviews and ratings that are already available in the Internet. Compose them with a mailing module. For example, for customers who booked hotels in certain cities it is recommended to make up offers by parameters of their booking.

   Each module is unique and developed exactly by the requirements of a particular system considering all the requests. This allows you to optimally adjust the process of new development operation and to get a really qualitative product.

Sincerely yours,
CubyDev team