1. WordPress Design Integration: Integrate designs from Figma into WordPress websites to ensure a seamless visual experience.

  2. Loan Calculation Plugin: Develop a plugin for WordPress that enables users to calculate loans for personal and business purposes.

Project Duration:

  • Design Integration: 80 hours

  • Plugin Development: 150 hours

Key Features – Design Integration:

  1. Figma Integration: Seamless integration of designs from Figma into WordPress websites.

  2. Pixel-Perfect Implementation: Ensuring the fidelity of design elements during integration for a visually appealing and consistent user experience.

  3. Responsive Design: Adapting designs to ensure responsiveness across various devices and screen sizes.

Key Features – Loan Calculation Plugin:

  1. Personal and Business Loans: Provides calculation functionality for both personal and business loans.

  2. Customizable Parameters: Allows users to input loan amount, interest rate, term, etc., to calculate loan repayment details.

  3. Dynamic Results: Generates real-time loan repayment schedules and interest calculations based on user inputs.

  4. User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive interface for easy input and understanding of loan terms and repayment schedules.

Technologies Used:

  • Design Integration: Figma, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

  • Plugin Development: PHP, WordPress Plugin API

Challenges Overcome:

  • Ensuring fidelity to design specifications during integration while accommodating WordPress theme constraints.

  • Implementing complex loan calculation algorithms accurately and efficiently within the plugin.

  • Addressing potential user experience issues to create an intuitive interface for loan calculation inputs and results.

Outcome: Successfully integrated designs from Figma into WordPress websites, maintaining visual consistency and responsiveness. Additionally, developed a robust WordPress plugin for loan calculation, catering to both personal and business loan needs. These efforts contribute to enhancing the overall user experience and functionality of WordPress websites.




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